Sep 17, 2008

Telugu Actress ' RADHIKA SARATHKUMAR' Profile

Raadhika is a veteran South Indian actress. She has acted in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies. She is the daughter of the late Tamil actor and comedian, M. R. Radha. Her mother is a Sri Lankan. She was married twice and has a daughter, Rayanne, from her first marriage. She is currently married to actor Sarath Kumar, with whom she has a son ,Rahul (born 2004). Sarath Kumar also has two daughters from his first marriage.

After becoming successful in cinema, Radhika wanted to do something different and decided to take on the small screen, a venture that everyone thought was a mistake she would regret.[citation needed] But determined to pursue something she believed in, namely producing her own TV software under the Radaan TV banner, she pressed on. That was in 1994. After some initial hiccups, the company re-emerged successfully as Radaan Mediaworks (I) Ltd in 1999, and today, has a turnover exceeding Rs.230 crore. In 2004, the company ventured into film production in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi markets. Radaan has plans to enter into Hindi television market.

In recent years she has acted as the title character in several hit megaserials produced by her company, Radaan Mediaworks. Her first hit drama was "Chitti", a 488-episode serial in which she portrayed the main character, Saradha. The serial was widely watched and praised throughout the Tamil-speaking world. Fresh off the success of "Chitthi", Radhika went on to produce another, longer Tamil serial, the 757-episode "Annamalai", in which she once again played the major role. Her co-star in both these first two serials was the veteran actor Sivakumar, with whom she was often paired in films as well. However in "Annamalai", he played her eldest brother. She is currently playing a dual role in the teleserial Arasi, the sequel to the teleserial Selvi.

Jump to filmography as: Actress, Producer
1. "Chitthi" (2003) TV series (as Radhika Sarath Kumar) .... Saradha
2. Lal Baadshah (1999) (as Radhika) .... Mrs. Ranbhir Singh
3. Amarkalam (1999)
4. Arundhati (1999)
5. Prema Katha (1999) .... Subhadra, Suribabu's mother
6. Jeans (1998) .... Sundaramba, Pachiappan's Wife
7. Pavithra (1994) .... Pavithra
8. Varavu Ettana Selavu Pathana (1994) .... Lakshmi
9. Kizhaaku Seemayile (1993) .... Siruvayi
10. Swathi Kiranam (1992) .... Sarada
11. Raja Vikramarka (1990)
12. Aaj Ka Arjun (1990) .... Laxmi
13. Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai (1990) (as Radhika) .... Roopa P. Chandra
14. Aradhana (1987)
15. Sardar Dharmanna (1987)
16. Donga Mogudu (1987) .... Seeta
17. Aatma Bandhuvulu (1987)
18. America Abbayi (1987)
19. Nyayaniki Sankellu (1987)
20. Jwala (1985)
21. Jeevana Chakra (1985) .... Ranga's Wife
22. Swathi Muthyam (1985) .... Lalitha
23. Anubandham (1984)
24. Hero (1984)
25. Nallavanukku Nallavan (1984)
26. Gudachari No.1 (1983)
27. Puli Bebbuli (1983)
28. Shivudu Shivudu Shivudu (1983)
29. Trisulam (1983)
30. Abhilasha (1983/I) .... Archana
31. Pelletoori Monagadu (1983)
32. Prema Pichollu (1983)
33. Mondighatam (1982)
34. YamaKinkarudu (1982) .... Radha
35. Billa Ranga (1982)
36. Patnam Vachchina Pativrathalu (1982)
37. Idi Pellantara (1982)
38. Vayyari Bhamulu Vagalamari Bhartulu (1982)
39. Kirayi Rowdylu (1981)
40. Priya (1981)
41. Daasi (1981)
42. Nyayam Kavali (1981) .... Bharathi Devi (debut)
43. Indru Poyi Naalai Vaa (1981)
44. Radha Kalyanam (1981) .... Radha
45. Anbae Sangeetha (1979)
46. Kizhake Pogum Rail (1978) .... Paranjyothi

1. "Chitthi" (2003) TV series (producer) (as R. Radhika Sarath Kumar)


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