Jun 17, 2010

South star Trisha Krishnan is Akshay Kumar's girl now

Mumbai: South star Trisha Krishnan, who was launched by Priyadarshan seven years back, has reunited with the director for Khatta Meetha that also has Akshay Kumar in the lead.

“I’m ever thankful to Priyadarshan for launching me as acting just happened to me, by chance. I had no intention to join movies. My family was apprehensive as they come from a conservative family. But I think me getting into modelling and winning awards really opened a lot of doors for me as I happened to meet Priyan sir who had the confidence to take me on.”

Trisha is very excited about her foray into Bollywood. “There had been offers but I waited for a film that I had confidence to take on as I would be entering a totally new industry. So, when Priyan sir told me he wanted to cast me in Khatta Meetha, I had no doubts. I know he will take the best out of me. My heart will always be with South Indian cinema as I have my roots there and it has made me become what I’m today,” she adds.

The young actor, who is also a state award winner for acting, reveals to DNA where she thinks her sex appeal lies. “I’m versatile, experimental and I think I look it and I think that’s my biggest sex appeal, either in real life or in movies. I have done mainstream as well as off-beat cinema and I think people have loved me because of this nature of mine,” she says.

A single lady that she is, Trisha also whispers into our ear the qualities of a guy that can turn her on. “It’s strange but I don’t like conventionally good looking men. I don’t like very fair guys too. Intelligence and how a man talks to me is the thing that gets me going,” she signs off.