Mar 19, 2014

Pawan Kalyan Terrific Speech At Jana Sena Party Launch

Pawan Kalyan terrific speech at Jana Sena party launch 

Pawan Kalyan terrific speech at Jana Sena music launch. This inspiring speech lasts for 2 hours. Pawan Kalyan has spoken with commitment, emotion and wit. a rare quality thats required for a revolutionary leader!


Naresh Babu said...

For last elections chiru has given more powerful than this like "This is came from poor people and this is peoples party" but what happen finally?

If we believe him also same thing it will happen.

This was playing by Chiru, he knows that no one will believe him that's why he send his own brother. Finally these chief fellows intention was to break some voting percentage in TDP.

Please be careful about these idiots.

Naresh Babu said...

They are thinking that peoples are fools what ever we say they will listen, they don't have any common sense to think the faith. Don't make it true....

To rule a state it's not easy like acting a movie. Yes, I will accept it he a very good actor and I am also one of his fan.

In now a days the seemandra people are inn struggling for investments, if suppose in this situation if we are not chosen a good leader then we have to struggle not only in 5 years, we will struggle in more that 5 generations.

Please chose a candidate who have capability to develop a capital of seemandra, capability to bring some investments in seemandra, capability to develop a state like Gujarat.

I am not belongs to any political party, I am only one of the person who think about our state.

I am requesting only one thing from all of you, don't waste your very valuable vote.

Thank you for read this...