Jun 21, 2014

Shahid Kapoor is working on his private beach garden

Yes, you read that headline right. It is known that Shahid Kapoor recently acquired a spacious and elegant ground-floor home alongside the Juhu beach.

His new apartment is in the same building where Vidya Balan resides. It's one of the prime properties along the beach side in Juhu. The advantage Shahid has over the other residents of the building is that his apartment reportedly comes with approximately 2000 of private beach area.

Though the actor continues to reside in Versova, where he is ex-girlfriend Priyanka Chopra's neighbour, his current preoccupation is converting his beach space into a private garden.
Sources say they have seen Shahid pouring over books and listening to experts on the whole process of "making his garden", because he intends to personally supervise every minute detail. He is not planning to take any shortcuts by handing over the job to a professional and coming to a ready home someday. Sasha intends to be hands-on when his new home is being done.